The Advantages of Partnering with a Top-tier Recruitment Company

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According to LinkedIn “76% percent of hiring managers admit attracting the right job candida...

According to LinkedIn “76% percent of hiring managers admit attracting the right job candidates is their greatest challenge”* 


Mackinnon Bruce International has been operating since 2012 and was forged with several highly experienced leaders who built up the team and have previously worked in executive search for many years. Collaborating with a recruitment consultancy like ours not only saves you time but ensures a streamlined hiring process and helps build team stability.  

But what makes partnering with a recruitment company so beneficial? 

Below are just some of the advantages for clients when working with us: 


Time Optimisation: 

Ease the burden on your internal teams. Partnering with us means handing over screening, qualification, negotiation, and more, which alleviates the additional workload of hiring stress for the client. 


Industry Insights: 

Gain access to our team's expertise and industry knowledge, staying on top of evolving industry trends and benefiting from our deep understanding of specific markets. 



Leverage the power of data for analysing market trends, salary bands, and acquiring new talent. Our vast connections and accumulated data offer you a significant advantage in hiring. A great example of this is when we recently partnered with CarbonScape to hire executive talent for their growing team, built off our extensive database and industry connections.  


Long-Term Partnerships: 

Beyond ad-hoc roles, we prioritise building long-lasting relationships with our clients. This enables us to deeply understand your business, its needs, and long-term growth goals. 

Every business is unique in the objectives they wish to achieve. With our extensive industry insights and relationships, our dedicated teams work alongside you to foster, expand, or retain your teams. 


Explore our services page for comprehensive insights or contact us today to begin a conversation. Let's uncover how our partnership can empower and elevate your business together 


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